Nothing is temporary in this world, but change…


Everything changes, life goes on, we lose things, and we gain things. But the question is: Did we really intend to lose the things we lost?

The more important question is:  What if the things we lost can never be replaced?

When this unlikely situation happens, you’re certainly up for a lot of stress and mental torture. The good news is, there is an option to securely send us a hard copy of important documents such as pictures, letters, and contracts. An electronic back up will then be provided to you. If you wish us to, we can also store them in our fire proof secure warehouse.

Which situation applies to you?

Through our life course, there are things that we need to secure. Mentioned above are memories such as pictures and letters. Very important documents such as contracts, licenses, and certificates should also be kept accordingly.

The problem is, there are unforeseen occurrences which may happen at times. For instance, victims of the hurricanes Katrina and Sandy must have been so devastated upon finding out that even the files that they have kept in their safes are now gone.

  • Protecting your property

In addition to protecting your electronic documents we have partnered with some of the best real estate agents in the country through an alliance with Which Real Estate Agent to provide you with heavily discounted hmoe and contents insurance. Our combined large databases of property owners means we have bulking purchasing power with Australia’s best real estate insurers. We pass on these savings to you, as a valuable add on when you utilise any of our other services. Be sure to ask about of property insurance offerings.

  • Personal Memorabilia

In this ‘technological’ world that we are living in, it is very easy to secure for ourselves memorabilia which can last a lifetime. However, there are some which cannot be created electronically, such as a letter from a parent, or a loving friend. While others send emails and share in online private conversations, there are still some who prefers to use the traditional means of communication – letters. If you receive a letter, and you want to keep it for life, what can you do? Copying the content and storing it online? Not a good idea. With God Mother Backup, you can send us your letters and we will create and send you an electronic copy of the precious letter.


Pictures from the past are also very valuable, especially those which have been taken before the internet technology sparked up. To protect those photos from wear and tear, or from forces unknown to us, creating an electronic copy is the best option. Send it to us, we’ll create a copy for you, and send you back the original.

  • Legal Documents

Legal Documents, are unquestionably, very important. They should never be misplaced, or lost. Several homeowners have formed the habit of securing copies of their legal documents in safes. However, these ‘safes’ do not really spell ‘safety’ at all, especially when faced with forces of nature. If a thief decides to steal the whole safe itself, the documents go with it as well.




When do the services apply?

At times, certain events in our lives require changes. You may be moving to a new house, and you need to keep certain documents secured before you move. Perhaps your children have finally grown up, and they want to move out of home, you can also send us certain documents for safekeeping.

If a loved one passes away and you still need to keep certain files electronically, all you need to do is send us that document and we will create an electronic copy of it. This provides an assurance that nothing goes out of memory.

What will happen to the files?

The process goes this way: You gather the documents that you need, send them to us, and then we create electronic copies of the document. We will send you back the original copy plus the electronic copy. At the same time, you can also advise us if you need us to store your electronic backup stored in our fireproof warehouse.

Storing in our fireproof warehouse is an additional safety measure for your documents. Just in case you also lose your electronic copy, you can always contact us and we can give you an extra copy of your document. Backing up your valuables is a good way to protect your property and to give yourself peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have to stress yourself over those things.

God Mother Backup Spells ASSURANCE

Yes, we at God Mother Backup, we provide the assurance that protecting your valuables is on the top of our list. Therefore, even our fireproof warehouse is maintained accordingly. If there are certain issues on the backup, we will notify you immediately, providing immediate solutions as well. We completely understand how your valuables mean to you. Therefore, we strive to do our best to maintain the quality of our services through time.