About Us

We, at God Mother Backup, offer services allowing you, our customers, to securely send in your valuable hard copy documents for backing up. These documents may include important pictures, letters, contracts, and documents. We will electronically back them all up for you and send you back the files securely. If you request us to, we will keep the files in our fireproof secure warehouse.

Our team is composed of a small team of professionals who, in our own way, have experienced the painful consequences of not keeping backups. We started the company with the vision of helping others make sure that such consequences are avoided. Each of us in the team has the skills needed to perform all necessary processes. We are professionals, and we certainly work that way.

We perfectly understand the pain of losing very important documents. These documents are very difficult to replace, or re-create. Therefore, we make sure to protect them with all our capabilities. If we notice that there is something wrong with the backup, we will immediately notify you and provide solutions to prevent damage.

For some time now, we have provided our services to different individuals. Their feedback has given us the assurance that we are doing things the right away. Protecting and creating a backup for our customers’ valuables is the most important thing in our priorities. At the same time, we assure you, our beloved customers, that the prices are reasonable.

We highly recommend not waiting for those unwanted, yet unexpected events to happen to you and your valuables. Talk to us and we will give you options. We will take care of the solution, that’s an assurance! We would be very happy to assist you all throughout. We take pride in our business, and we would like you to try it out too!