How does it work?

The process of providing backup to your valuables is our business. Therefore, we make sure that each process included strictly follows a set of guidelines which ensures the quality of the entire procedure. However, as customers, you may be interested in knowing how the process actually works. After all, the documents that you will send us are very important, even legal.

We understand that you are concerned with the safety of the documents. Rest assured, the protection of your documents is our main priority. Confidentiality is our utmost concern. To fully understand the business, here is the general outline of how the procedure works:

Gathering of Documents

This process is done on your end. Of course, not all documents require backup. Files and documents such as marriage licenses, wills, birth and death certificates, insurance policies, and such should be preserved and kept for future use. These are the documents that need backup.

Having a safe in your own home is not a complete guarantee that your documents are also safe. Take for example the homeowners who suffered the results of certain events such as hurricanes, fire, etc. The entire safe could be lost all the way and could not be retrieved. Once you have identified all the documents that needs backup, it needs to reach us.

Send in the Documents

In order for our team to work on your documents, you need to send them to us. By contacting us first, we will be providing you with options and instructions on how to securely send in the documents. Following the instructions as accurately as possible will provide assurance that your documents are protected during transit.

Even the process of sending in of the documents is protected by certain guidelines within our company. We just want to make sure that the quality of your documents is secured, and that we can successfully perform our job accordingly.


Creating of Electronic Copies of the Documents

This is what our business is. When we receive your documents, letters, pictures, and other memorabilia, we create electronic copies of the documents, following a standard procedure. The individuals doing the processes are professionals, and we know what we are doing.

Sending of the Documents Back

We also make sure that we securely send the documents back to you. More than anything else, we are more interested in making sure that you receive the original document, and the extra copies in their best condition.

Permanent Warehouse Storage

We also provide the option of permanent storage. The documents will be kept in our fireproof warehouse for safekeeping. If there is a problem with the condition of your document, we will provide solutions right away.

With God Mother Backup, we make sure that the services we provide to each and every client is customized according to their specific needs. We listen to the specific requirements and completely understand that each need may differ to the needs of others. Therefore, we don’t employ a standard solution, though we have a standard process to make sure that quality of our services is not sacrificed.