In one way or another, we are all affected by the tough economic times that are we are all living in. As a result, we would want to make sure that every penny spent is all worth it. The same principle applies to the pricing of our services at God Mother Backup.

Our company offers services to backup your variables. By just sending in your valuables, such as letters, pictures, legal documents, and similar files, you have entrusted to us the backing up of your documents. In turn, we make sure that we do our services the right way.

Aside from just making sure that we do what we have to do, we also make sure that the original document reaches your hand securely as well. Thus, we make sure that certain security procedures are followed to avoid damage in transit, or that any unlikely situations may prevent you from receiving your precious documents.

The Services that We Offer

When it comes to providing backup services, our company, God Mother Backup, is the company that you should call for. For example, you need to move from one house to another, or perhaps a child of yours need to move out of the house, and you want to keep certain files and stuff for life, you can always reach out to us and we will make sure that your assets are backed up.

After gathering your documents and identifying which ones need backing up, send them to us, and we will take care of everything for you. Rest assured, our services are handled, only by professionals in the field. We have spent a great deal of time laying out our foundation, and making sure that the service that we provide is nothing but the best.


The Price for Our Services

The services that we offer are professional. Therefore, certain pricing equivalents come with every service that we provide. The itemised pricing is based on the number of pages that need to be back up.

Generally, a page is for $5. We also require a minimum in our transactions. Minimum request for services should be at $100. Should you wish to avail of our electronic storage after we have created an electronic copy for your perusal, you only need to pay us $10 per month.

We also offer the option for off-site storage. This refers to the use of our fireproof warehouse. In this way, you are more assured that your documents are in good hands. We also take time in maintaining our warehouse in order to make sure that your documents are safe through time.

The Benefits of Our Services

After availing of our services, several of our customers have admitted enjoying the peace of mind they are experiencing, knowing that they no longer have to worry about their personal valuables. Paper documents, letters, precious pictures, and such are so difficult to replace. Therefore, do not wait for unlikely situations to block your way. Protect your assets, relieve yourself from worries. Backup your valuables now!