What You Need to Backup

What You Need to Backup

In life, accumulating a stack of documents is pretty normal. Every day, we involve ourselves with different transactions, and in each transaction, we deal with paper works. Some of these documents should be kept for life, as they are uniquely special compared to others.

In order to make sure that important files and documents are preserved accordingly, it is vital to back them up. Backing up is the process of providing a copy of a document for keeping. This serves as protection in case the original is lost, or for some reasons, unavailable.

However, not all documents needs to be backed up. There are some which only requires temporary storage. On the other hand, there are documents that need to be preserved no matter what.

What are those documents? Here are some of them:

  • Birth and Death Certificates

Keeping an extra copy of the birth and death certificates of family members is very important when processing benefits, and other documents which are under the name of the family member.

  • Social Security Cards

It’s never good to lose Social Security Cards. However, just in case this unlikely event happens, a backup is helpful.

  • Pension Plan Documents

In order to make sure that you can take advantage of your pension plan benefits, securing a backup document will provide assurance to your future.

  • Passports and ID Cards

ID Cards are very important for identification, while passports are needed for travelling. These should not be misplaced. A backup is needed, just in case.

  • Marriage License

A marriage license is a very important proof of one’s status in life. To protect that status, a backup is needed.

  • Business License

Your business is an asset. Protect it, and yourself, by securing a backup of all the documents needed to prove the validity of your business.

  • Military Discharge Papers

To be able to give proof to the loyalty and servitude to your country, military discharge papers should be kept for good.

  • Insurance Policies

To make sure that family members are not burdened, insurance policies and documents should be intact and safe.

  • Wills (powers of attorney, etc)

Let’s face reality. We all die. Thus, we need to make sure that we prepare for it, for our family. Wills should be kept accordingly.

  • Loan Documents

Documents regarding financial matters should be properly stored. A backup provides further assurance.


  • Mortgage Documents and House Deeds

These documents should be kept well to make sure that your physical properties are protected.

  • Vehicle Titles 

Proof to your ownership of vehicles should always be by your side. A backup is needed in case the original is not available.

Therefore, if you have any of the documents listed above, why not protect their existence by making sure that you create a back up for them? In this way, you are also giving yourself extra protection. After all, these documents can mean your life. Processing replacements can be ultra troublesome and may require an unreasonable amount of time just to process them again. Contact us now at God Mother Backup and let’s talk about your options!

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